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     Hi, ya so we are the ASU fencing team, we are a traveling team that goes to California 3 times a school year to compete with about 7 of the UC schools (UCSD, UCLA, UCI, UC, USC, PCC, and Pomona) and we usually do pretty well. We have some local tournaments too and we are working on getting more. We are amongst the cheapest club to join and we offer free lessons for two weeks which would normally run you a stupid amount of money so that's fun too. We have gear to outfit you so you don't even need to purchase anything to get started. We meet Monday through Thursdays in the green gym at (M/W 5:30-7:30, Tu/Th 8-11). We have a Sunday practice as well. If you want I can explain a bit about each style and you can even hold the swords if you want.
     So Fencing is all about out thinking your opponent. Even if you've out planned them you still need to out maneuver them. Fencing is both mentally and physically demanding (not too rigorous) and, I think, great fun. We wear cloth armor and in two of the styles, we wear an additional piece of conductive material fabric. The mask protects the head and face and is a lot stronger than it looks. There are three styles of sword in fencing: we've got epee, foil, and saber. Each weapon has different rules and is best suited to different people. 

  • Epee is this one and is modeled after a daily carry weapon, so like if someone insulted your honor you could duel them in the street it would be epee style. The target area is the full body so head to toe and it is a stabbing weapon. 
  • Foil is this one and it is modeled after what the rich and powerful would sport fight with. The target area is what a vest would cover because that's what the rich guys could protect easy and it was considered a lethal zone. Foil is a stabbing weapon but has more rules associated with it called 'right of way'. Saber has it as well.
  • Saber is this oneand it is modeled after cavalry. So the target area is hips to the top of the head as riders usually had plate mail on their legs. Also, it is the only slashing weapon so the whole blade can be used to score a point. Saber also has similar 'right of way' rules with a slight variation. 

So ha that's the run down, take a flyer, remember to come to practice, bring a friend or an enemy, it's crazy fun and personally favorite sport. 

Short Bio's of all active members and coaches, both on the travel team and club members. 

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2016 IFCSC Men's Sabre - 3rd place - Josh Kaufman, Ryan Donos, Blake Akers, AJ Gillman

2016 IFCSC Womens Sabre - 3rd place - Karsen Gentry, Ariel Baber, Kate Selman, Victoria Smith


2016 March Madness Sabre Open - 1st place - Ryan Donos

2016 April Fools Sabre Open - 1st place - Brayden Smith

2016 April Fools Sabre Open - 2nd place - Josh Kaufman

2016 April Fools Sabre Women's - 1st place - Karsen Gentry

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